29 Things I would’ve loved to tell my younger self.

Birthday mode got me reminiscing …


About Faith & Religion:

  1. Keep God first in your life, it is foolish to do the contrary.
  2. Develop a personal relationship with God and discover HIM for yourself particularly outside the walls of a church.
  3. Worry less but instead trust God more; he has a great plan for your life and God’s love for you is protective.


About Love & Relationships:

  1. Do not ignore love when it is clearly offered to you. Avoid intentionally breaking a man’s heart.
  2. If your man loves you, he will show it to you. Words are cheap, actions require actual effort.
  3. It is okay to wait for your “Boaz”, just bask in the peace of your waiting season.
  4. It is okay to be vulnerable in love because this allows transparency and eventually authenticity.
  5. Your crush doesn’t owe it to you to reciprocate your infatuation. Your thoughts got you into the emotional soul tie, thus only your thoughts can equally get you out of it.
  6. Make the people in your life feel protected in your acts of love and kindness, go the extra mile to make them feel secure in the protection of the love you offer.
  7. You do not need to go on a date just to appease the suitor; it is okay to say “no” even without lying or a crappy explanation.
  8. Be in contact with your emotions, being completely open is a strength that keeps you authentic and relatable.
  9. Love everyone and everything you do relentlessly, hold nothing back.
  10. Cherish your friendships and try to maintain them even at a distance. You miss great connections when you ignore the relationships God has placed in your life.
  11. When in conversation allow people to complete their sentences, listen more and talk less, this is just wise.
  12. Call your mother/family members a lot more frequently, a “tomorrow” with your family is never guaranteed.
  13. Keep your family as a top priority


About Life:

  1. Every setback you experience in your journey towards your goal is a blessing wrapped in a character growing experience.
  2. Strive to obtain and preserve the relationships you create with trustworthy mentors.
  3. Protect your peace at all moments; nothing is worth the pain of inner unrest in your soul. Lack of inner peace keeps you unproductive.
  4. A healthy perspective elevates your peace, it is key in every human interaction.
  5. Pick your battles by ignoring certain circumstances, you do not have to fret over everything that is done to you. The aftermath is likely to depend on your reaction.
  6. Discipline is the most valuable career trait you need to achieve your aspirations.
  7. Stay in your lane. Whether on the highway or through the roads life takes you.
  8. Spend valuable time in your creative thoughts.
  9. Nobody really cares about your accent if your message is deliverable. This particularly applies when you are bright, influential and your actions are of benefit to them.
  10. Career goals are good but do not neglect the interpersonal aspect of your life, it has the potential to harness your goals.
  11. Let your goals, dreams and aspirations stay alive, do not bury them in the murk of current circumstances
  12. Complete the tasks you begin because every good harvest requires planting and cultivating. There are no fruits without roots.
  13. Journal your life, thoughts, aspirations and dreams. Life is always teaching you something.

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God Bless!



  1. Sandra Ekukole
    01/03/2017 / 12:33 am

    Happy birthday Ninots!!!

    Thanks for sharing these points…. a lot to reflect on.
    God bless you more and more hunnay!!


  2. 01/03/2017 / 4:33 am

    Thanks for sharing, you look gorgeous! Happy birthday Nina!!!

  3. SG
    01/10/2017 / 12:41 am

    Lovely 👀👀 17 and 25 apt!

  4. 09/23/2017 / 7:40 pm

    Agree with all the points. Also, you’re so young and accomplished! #rolemodelstatus

    • ninotswalk
      09/23/2017 / 8:47 pm

      Thanks love. God made it possible.

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