5 Survival Tips For Single People on Valentine’s Day.

Apparently, the themes this month include heart health and black history  teddy bears, roses, chocolates, cards – yes, cards! Did you even know that after Christmas, the most cards are sold during the “Valentine Season” ?

We cannot talk about heart health without talking to about romance! To read my medical article published in the Sentinel Echo Newspaper click here.

It is so easy to get caught up in the media proclamations of affection and romance which have become so easily mistakenly for genuine love. This is more likely to happen if you are a single person scrolling down your phone, alone in your bed in the middle of the night. Over the years, I have become increasingly comfortable with or without a Valentine. During the seasons when there is no Valentine whether by choice or chance here are a few things that you can do otherwise.

  1. Date Yourself! 
    Yes, you read right. Do something good for yourself with your own resources. Take yourself out to a fancy dinner, buy yourself a classy gift, book a spa day,  order fresh roses for your bedroom or bathroom. If you are a nerd like me; burn you a good candle and cuddle up with your favorite book with smooth jazz playing in the background. Do whatever allows your inner being to feel the peace of being left alone.
  2. Help Someone Else!
    You don’t need to look too far to find someone who needs some loving. We all say “what goes around comes around”. Give love and maybe you’ll receive some in return. My patients tell me how lonely they are all the time! There are several single parents, children and elderly people in your community who need attention and acts of love or generosity. Set aside your desire for erotism and be there in service to your neighbor. Remember it is indeed more of a blessing to give than to receive. Give them the affection/attention which you so selfishly desire or maybe go keep them company that evening or bring them dinner. You may solve your “alone-ness” by being there for someone who needs it more than you do.
  3. Work Harder on your Art or Science!
    Instead of sitting at home feeling super miserable about how your life is missing something (big lie), go get some more coins. Yes get paid. I am on this quest to turn anything that I think I “lack” into a source of financial payment. I know, that’s complex. Simply, use the scheduled self pity session to pick up a shift at work or offer to work for someone who desperately needs the time off for a get away with their currently available sweetheart. It is a double win for you anyways, you will be getting paid while facilitating someone else’s life. Do I need to remind you that there are numerous hidden blessings in sacrifice?
  4. Ditch the Self-pity Party!
    There is a time for everything under heaven! Keep envy in check. Make an effort to be happy for all the ladies and gents at your office who are receiving gifts this week. Be prepared with positive intentions and words towards them even if youdon’t feel like it. Remember that the simple fact that you are in a single season doesn’t make it an indefinite season. Another way to get out of this mental funk is to deter your mind – go for a run to get your endorphins levels up or host a singles part for other aspiring lovers like yourself who have nowhere else to be on the night of Feb 14th.
  5. Have Fun with Life!
    Remember, it is just 24 hours out of the entire year and you should be feeling and giving love all year long anyways. Do not do love a disservice by boxing its meaning up into one miserable night in February. Let your agape love be felt by all those whom you meet today and always. Great love is coming your way!

Spilling some doctoral level love your way today and always,


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