Kentucky Lovin’

Among the major adulting tasks in life, therein lies the art of filing taxes. Truth be told; I find it unpleasurable, but not as irksome as getting lost three times on my way to find the ultimate “tax guy’s” office this morning.

Yes, I had my GPS on but that device had me going around in circles. I slowed down “many-a-two-lane-roads” aka “hollers” to ask for directions from bystanders who were just as disoriented as I was. With no choice left but to be annoying, I called said tax-guy to help me directions and he kindly did. Three. Different. Times. And yes, that too was embarrassing!

The 3rd time is the charm they say, I finally found the office in plain sight. That certainly was not the most important thing I found today. This little gem of a restaurant was. It is You & Me, Coffee & Tea.


It reminded me of an antique store a la that-70’s-show-rustic-but-new-age with the decor. Whatever that means to you will fit the description properly too. I got all the shabby chic vintage vibes from this place! Sort of like the place where all the thrift store shoppers from my previous life reunite to eat and play cards and board games.



The menu variety was enough; I dislike being overwhelmed by food choices and I believe food should be consumed moderately anyways so this was right up my alley. I ordered the Cuban sandwich –  a tasty Kentuckian remix of it and I thoroughly enjoyed that. It was nice and quiet for the first half hour as I sat at the window practicing the relaxing science of people watching.



It was nice and quiet for the first half hour as I sat next to this cute phone at the window people watching Main St.




The closest I will ever get to “cowboy” or Western-styled boots 

Needless to say – what started off as this woman getting lost this morning led me to this palatable delight. If you are ever in Corbin, Kentucky I will love to take you here. Remember to bloom where you are planted.

Remember to always bloom where you are planted.


“Kentucky Loving” is a new segment to my blog where I share my experiences as a Cameroonian lady enjoying life in Southeastern Kentucky.




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