How To Stay Healthy While You Travel.


– PREVENT BLOOD CLOTS : By walking the aisles of the aircraft (to improve circulation) or by wearing compression stockings. I prefer aisle seats so I can walk when I choose. You can do easy leg exercises while seated if you are stuck in a middle 💺 seat. Most airlines have exercises on the back of travel magazines in the front seat pocket. Just ask.

– TRAVEL VACCINES : applies to international travelers. Hep A&B, typhoid, rabies, yellow fever, flu etc are preventable by vaccinations. Talk to your doctor to determine what may apply to you prior to leaving the country. Check CDC’s website for info in regards to your destination.

– Combat EFFECTS OF DRY AIR: Dry air & DEHYDRATION from hotel room AC or heating units, airplane etc can cause havoc to your skin and mucous membranes. If you can’t afford to carry a portable humidifier drinking plenty of water helps ( I recommend the usual eight 8 oz glasses a day), or even consider moisturizing your nares with petroleum jelly for those who are prone to crackling skin from dryness.
– HAND HYGIENE: This will keep you void free throughout your traveling. You will be touching several surfaces and meeting various people, portable sanitizer is an easy way to stay clean. Scented options keep you feeling and smelling super fresh.
– Take off and landing ANXIETY: engage in conversation during these crucial periods to take your mind away from the movement of the airplane. You can also disclose this to the person sitting next to you to ease your anxiety level. In severe cases where there is a phobia talk to your doctor about short acting anxiolytics if that applies to you.
– SUNSCREEN: recommended for all ethnicities even darker skin tones! SPF > 30 better. Any brand works. I love cheap yet effective @neutrogena which is available over the counter. Debunked myth: Black people also get sunburn and skin cancer.
– NECK PAIN: likely from positioning during flight. Neck pillows help stabilize cervical spine and offer support to prevent muscle tension buildup.
– Research risks associated with all ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITY planned during your trip and apply them accordingly i.e. Helmets for bike or ATV rides, safety glasses, proper attire and hard soles shoes for outdoor activities.
– Minimize 🐜 INSECT BITES: by using bug spray or proper attire to cover extremities as the weather permits.
– Practice SAFE SEX  or none at all so you won’t have to worry about STDs .
– If you travel with family learn basic life-saving techniques like the Heimlich maneuver which can save a choking family member, or what to do when someone drowns or gets stung by a jelly fish etc. You’ll be surprised what free resources exist at your local library 📚 or on the internet.
– Wear comfortable clothing for long flights.
Go ahead and be safe!

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