Child Support #2 

About 2 months ago I used my #instagram account to raise $2500 for a physical therapy project at an orphanage in my hometown #douala. See more on it by clicking here.  

The goal of this project is to provide the disabled children who live at this home (orphanage) with a “side gig” that can generate income for their home. Typically they primarily rely on donations and gifts to maintain the center. But we all know that living on gifts isn’t the most sustainable way to guarantee a living. I firmly believe that giving should maintain dignity and respect for human life and add value to it as well. 

My mother and I brainstormed a few ideas and she came up with the idea of funding a physiotherapy (physical therapy) outpatient clinic that can offer services to the children and the local community (at a fee for the latter). All the profit made from here will be used for market shopping for food and necessities for the children who live here. This idea was one of many to encourage independence and develop an entrepreneurial spirit for these children and in their community. 

I prayed about this decision to create a GoFundMe me account and after much deliberation I humbled myself to solicit funds from you to get this project rolling. It wasn’t feasible to do this alone; as I wasn’t financially able to at the time. Plus I am a continuous donor to this center already. 

This is where you saved the day. 

About 40 people gave to this cause. All of you who gave have directly played a role in providing a means of financial increase for a  disabled child in Douala, Cameroon. Your generosity is making a difference and today I am excited to share a few photos from the Amity Social Assiatance new PHYSICAL THERAPY LAB. 

As you can imagine; there is still work to be done. We just had to start somewhere.

  • We transformed the garage into a room to make this happen. Especially as there are no cars to park there anyways. Below are a few wheelchairs, walkers, basic exercise elliptical, PT balls and an able physical therapist ready to start work!

Won’t God do it?! 

Praise God for this project; can’t wait to update you as we continue to add equipment to the site.

Here is a note from the matron and founder of the center.

Good day Doc. Please find attached pics .. we have decided to open the doors for the physiotherapy today for a start. We exhausted the 1100000 CFA  Mama gave to us and spent some extra money before making the place look as such. You can also see the extra wheelchairs we bought which gave a negative balance to the amount she gave. 

We sent you preliminary picture of the structure which was formally used as a parking lot and it has been refurbished and transformed as you can see on the pics. 

However we thank you and the donors for making our dream come true. May y’all be crowned with the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Indeed it is more blessed to give than to receive. 


  1. 06/05/2017 / 9:55 pm

    Awesome work my sistriend. Giving back is why we were given.
    Godspeed, Gods blessings

    • ninotswalk
      06/05/2017 / 10:56 pm

      Thank you Yoyo. 🙂

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