Monday Motivation 10/16

Some doors need to stay closed.

As in; let us keep them tight shut.


When I failed the entrance exam to medical school in Cameroon, I remember curling up in a ball, rolling on the floor of my uncle’s bedroom and crying me a river.

That door to FMBS in Yaoundé, Cameroon, evidently, did not open at that time and for a specific reason.

It wasn’t mine to have.

God had a different plan for my career path.

See, to me at that time, that closed door meant I was screwed. I thought I would never have another chance at being a doctor. What were the odds that I’ll pass that exam again in the future?

How was that even remotely possible?

Sometimes we need to accept closed doors, rejection, failed relationships, missed opportunity, all of these happenings as an indication to recalibrate or reroute.

A loss now doesn’t define tomorrow’s gains.

Accept that closed door with a streak of boldness to face whatever is on the other side.

You ask how?

1. Believe in God’s masterplan. His way is perfect and true. He also grants favor to those who ask.

2. Accept the circumstance, grieve for a season, be realistic about it and seek to create a plan B.

3. Don’t stop. Keep pushing until you see a breakthrough.

4. First you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.

In my opinion; that which is meant for you will stay. The heart meant to love yours will not wander away. A rejection letter will not cancel your acceptance someplace else. Keep an open mind. Believe.

Stop trying to force a thick three stranded cord through the eye of a needle. Just Let “IT” go and move on UP!

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  1. SG
    10/16/2017 / 10:08 pm

    Thanks for encouraging word

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