Monday Motivation: The Miracle Called Coping.

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We are constantly being flooded with a thousand ways to think positive, but positive thinking and chanting do not fix everything.

Please read between these next few lines.

Denying a tough situation does not automatically take it away.

Words of affirmation or visualization can temporarily make you feel better but positive action WILL make the difference.

I have noticed that I am better off creating practical ways to get myself out of the rut I think I am in, but when that fails – then I find a way to live with it.

I pray about “it” and surrender “it” but I still live with the problem until I influence (by faith) or manifest a change.

When I try this and nothing changes; guess what? I notice that I have fundamentally changed because of my adopted approach to dealing with the situation.

To me, that is coping.

Coping is what you train yourself to do in order to live better amidst adversity. I also cope by prayer, petition, meditation on the word, but in all, I cope by changing something about myself because I failed at changing the situation.

We are too quick to throw in the towel because life is too hard, too stressful, too difficult.

How about we learn to think « I just have to suck this one up, I hope for the best but until then I choose to create happiness and contentment for myself »?

How about that for a way to live this week?

Tell me what you think.