A Few Old Lessons From My Mission Trips To Haiti.

dscn4064-1This month is almost over and Facebook does this « time hop » thing where it brings old grainy photos back to life. These photos popped up recently and I began reminiscing about my time in Ayiti.

October 2014 was the most recent time I visited a small village region in the mountains of Haiti. I have been blessed to visit this beloved country twice as a volunteer doctor. My role within the team was that of a physician offering annual physical exams to teenage girls as part of what would be considered an adolescent preschool physical exam here in the States.

I learned some invaluable things about life while I was there and I will like to share that with you.

1. There is a divine blessing that you receive while serving others. It is only obtained from the action of giving. The reward is internal and not materialistic in nature, something you will feel and it can vary from person to person. When we help others we get helped first -if we are truly paying attention.

2. Compassion alone doesn’t suffice, big things are welcomed but not necessary. Small actions will go a long way to add a solution to the big problem. You don’t have to have a lot to help someone else. But you need a passion for the needy to show compassion and this is where empathy comes in.

3. People like you are quickly inspired when they see you succeed. So your success is not solely your own. The girls in Haiti made me realize that my role as their team doctor wasn’t only beneficial to them for their current health, but many of them felt inspired to think and dream big for themselves as well! They wondered how a girl from Africa could become a doctor, and in America.

4. The best way to reach anyone is by first seeking to understand their perspective on life. Meet them at their level. Immerse yourself in their circumstances- be careful though; as you may easily break and that is not healthy for you mentally. Be sure to talk it out if you feel that way.

5. When you think of anyone the same way you think of yourself, you will begin to feel the pain of others. It’s a painful but gratifying place to be because you will build passion enough to take action.

6. It is okay to be daring in the pursuit of good doing. Step out in faith.


7. During my interactions with other missionaries, I noticed that true love transcends race, creed, belief systems and laws. It is indeed persistent and long-suffering and does exist.

8. Your calling will take you places you never dreamed of. Be watchful for the things that make you feel fulfilled as they are a part of this calling. You don’t want to miss it.

9. Across this continent is a person just like you with the same scars, pains, and emotions you have. You are only separated by distance. Nothing else.

10. Ultimately good works are good but time with Jesus is better. He wants your heart, not your works. He prefers a “Mary” to a “Martha”. See Luke 10:38-42.


  1. 10/30/2017 / 8:48 pm

    ❤❤❤ would love to help out someday.

    • ninotswalk
      10/30/2017 / 11:06 pm

      That will be great!

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