My Pearls On Goal Setting 101

We all need a little help every now and then.

In January, I started writing on this blog that I created in June 2016. One of my very first articles was titled “Practical Ways To Achieve Your Goals for 2017“. You can read it here.

If there is anyone that knows a thing or 2 about falling short on their goals, she is writing this piece that you read!

2017 was different. I actually achieved most of my goals in the personal development category. I will only share what I want to share. I wanted to read more books, write more, get out of debt, work out more , eat healthier, live on a budget, do nice things for my family (that fought so hard for me) and several other things. I am gratified to share that I did ALL these things. Albeit, some better than others! #lifehappens

After analyzing the year in my head, here are a few reasons why I have previously fallen short on some goals.

1. Lack of Preset Importance/Value.

Unless there is attached value to a task it ends up falling on the bottom of the list as a low priority task. The trick here is sometimes we may not always realize the value associated with an action at first sight and therefore miss it. If there is no recognized value or importance attached to a task then there is a subconsciously lower affinity to create the actions that bring said task to completion. With setting any goals now, I set the level of importance or value that it will bring before me (just so I can see it). Always rate your goals based on the value of their return. You want to create the desire needed to complete the task and achieve the reward. Always use a rating system of importance when you create your to-do list.

2. Lack of Accountability.

Accountability is a sense of shared responsibility. It will only work when there is mutual interest involved. This can be hired help or help based out of concern for one another. This is why we need each other to succeed. Here is an example: an entrepreneur needs consumers to stay in business, these clients keep the salesman accountable to provide merchandise. Get it? A cycle has been created, just like with the law of demand and supply but only now applicable in your personal life. Another example is the use of study aids and a study partner during your education. This is accountability in action.

Same thing applies with exercising; I didn’t grow up as an athletic person in part because I wasn’t athletic as a little girl. Duh! But as an adult, meeting with a friend or personal trainer at the gym has provided me the best results in building strength and endurance. I am still a work in progress but 2017 was definitely better than 2016 when it came to maintaining new habits. A healthy church family to guide and lead in your spiritual growth is a great form of accountability that we ignore.

3. Lack of Motivation.

This ties in well with the level of importance and value. Sometimes we just know that we need to exercise to live healthier and longer but despite the importance and value attached to it we still can’t get ourselves to do it. This is where accountability merges in with value to create motivation. A great tool for motivation is the art of visualization. I heard Terri Savelle once say “We do not think with words but with images”. Keep the change you want to see in front of your eyes. You can write it, print it, paint it or pin it. Whatever you do, you should be able to close your eyes and see where you want to be. With visualization you’re creating personal accountability first.

Could you relate? What is currently stopping you from fulfilling your goals?



  1. Riri
    12/26/2017 / 11:29 pm

    Great read and v practical ! And the ratings part was a great addition !I intend to do better this year

    • 12/26/2017 / 11:31 pm

      Glad you found it helpful. Yes I always rank my tasks from highest priority to least important. Helps me stay on track with first things.

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