Milan, Italy

I had 48 hours (or less) in Italy and I chose to see Milan.

It was brief but remarkable. I enjoyed authentic Italian cuisine which shocked my palate, as it was less cheesy and very tasty compared to what I have had at Italian restaurants here in the States.

Oh, and did I say the shopping district knocked my socks off! Literally. See it for yourself; its called Galleria Vitorrio Emanuele and it is luxurious.

Anyways, between that, the Duomo Cathedral and the Castello Sforza, the strength of the architecture of ancient Italy gave me a new found respect for strong will, hard work, and the influence of monarchies.

Disclaimer: I have no skills in videography and I proudly acknowledge that because I am working on it, but, these are clips from my iPhone 7. Enjoy and leave a comment on how I can improve.

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