Resources That Helped Me Pay Off Medical School Loans.

Last fall, I shared what I did to pay off my student loans in a blog post here.  A few months after eliminating student debt, I successfully wiped out my luxury car loan. That made me… DEBT FREE!

*does backflip*

Before moving forward I suggest you read about how I got rid of my medical school loans because this post is a sequel to that. I will embed it again here.

Now that you’re up to a speed with that, let’s move on.

If you didn’t read it here is the gist of things.

That blog post details the lifestyle changes I made to become student debt free. I have always applied those principles with credit card debt and auto loan debt.

You may also want to read how cutting (or literally freezing/suspending) your credit cards for a season will make a difference here.

One thing I must confess is that I did not do this on my own. I learned from others who in one way or the other have written inspirational material to this effect. I believe God granted me the self-control to persevere through the debt free journey, but these resources were provided so I could accelerate my success with my #debtfree2017 plan. I will share these secret pearls with you today.

Hopefully, as you plan for 2018,  becoming debt free could be one of the things on your list. Think about what you can possibly build without debt to hold you back.

Here are a few quick, easy reads to get you started on that journey.


This book is great for every medical student (so you can begin to think ahead about the money you’re taking out with loans). It is phenomenal for every resident in training (so that you can begin to take action on how to pay back later). It is exceptional for every new attending (so that you can avoid acting crazy to make stupid financial decisions that you will regret in 10 years).  See, it is perfect for every doctor! It was my most popular gift to all my doctor friends than any other book I own. If you are in medicine, you NEED this book. I also follow Dr. Dahle’s blog called the white coat investor blog. Click the link below.


This is the holy grail for everyone walking on the street who has debt. Any debt from $500 overwhelming dollars to $300,000 overwhelming dollars. The point this book purports is frugal living, wise judgment and abstinence from excesses will bring you into your desired financial goal. I am evidence that this foolproof debt snowball method works! I also religiously watched Dave Ramsey’s Youtube channel. If you don’t appreciate sarcasm, this resource may not be for you. Though I think sometimes we all need Dave screaming at someone on the phone to get us to see the true mess we are in! Check out his youtube channel on your commute home, train ride, uber ride or wherever else you can passively listen to something that will actually make a difference for your financial future. There are 361K other people that listen/watch too.


This book has nothing to do with debt directly. Or so I thought. But it helped me take control of my mornings. With being able to make time in the morning for what I think is essential for my growth and success i.e. prayer, meditation, Bible study and exercise, I noticed I was able to carry out my plans to achieve my financial goals with a heightened enthusiasm. There is something to be said about how you begin your day, it surely sets you in the path of daily victories which compound into weekly victories which trickle down into monthly victories and before you realize it, you’ve become debt free in 2 years!


Not a direct debt strategy book. But, as a single woman approaching 30, I needed something to guide my evaluation of the last year in my twenties. This book gave me the nudge I needed to get my house in order for the next chapter while reforming my thoughts about the most recent 10 annual chapters of my life! I also got to meet the author who is a phenomenal woman thriving through her 30’s now. Check out her blog and website:


I have listened to this book at least 4 times (at slow speed) in 2017 and I am listening to it again this month. Procrastination is what I did throughout residency training with my debt burden. The official name for it then was “loan forbearance/deferment”. Brian Tracy teaches on how to prioritize your life and tackle issues that matter first. So, if your goal is financial freedom, then you need to start by prioritizing the things in your life that will bring you closer to that goal. I was able to perform the lifestyle changes I needed to eliminate debt by applying principles from this book. This book will help you sort out low yielding tasks and give you the courage to set those aside. Purchase on Amazon or ibooks.


Because my debt free journey was all about getting more money to pay off more debt, I worked a lot more and so I needed something to keep me balanced on why I was created in the first place. This book by my youtube favorite Heather Lindsey, put my purpose back into perspective every time I was tempted to get sucked into the hustle. Purchase on amazon or ibooks.


Last and certainly not least. After eliminating debt, the goal is to build wealth in an honorable manner. This book enlightened me on the traits of America’s wealthiest people. They say if you admire someone and want to be like them, study their lives. Well, Dr. Stanley and Dr. Danko have studied hard work, resilience, savings, and living below your means as the substrate for building wealth in America. So for those of us who do not have inheritances, intelligence or super advanced degrees, this book gives a tried and true method of getting out of a financial rut. It also is a subtle teacher of financial humility as a gateway to frugality. It was my favorite read of all the above. You can get a copy on Amazon.



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  1. Nanne Ndops
    01/28/2018 / 7:57 pm

    Thanks for sharing these resources. I’ve purchased the total money makeover but I’m yet to read it. I sure will checkout his YouTube channel. I’ve read another book by Dave Ramsey… I think it’s guide to money… I purchased and read the journey to 30 when i saw you posted it on IG

    • 01/28/2018 / 8:24 pm

      Thank you for the feedback! Yeah the YouTube channel is a lot easier. Honestly he constantly refers to the outline he has in the book on his show. I find it to be a great informative channel. I think there is a podcast as well! Wish you the best on your debt free journey!

  2. 02/22/2018 / 9:43 pm

    This is amazing you’ve completely added to my “what should I read next” list of books. Thanks for all the Recs. Can’t wait to get started!

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