IMG Roadmap Series #18: Guest Post w/ Dr. Berry Pierre (Internal Medicine Residency Program Director).


When I was a Caribbean medical student I did not have the opportunity to get the perspective of a credible program director.

I honestly wish I had because I am guilty of some of the “faux-pas” Dr. Pierre shares in this interview.

Today’s post, though in an unusual format is timely. ERAS begins receiving applications on September 5th 2019 . Find the IMG ERAS timeline here. Dr Pierre goes into commonly overlooked portions of the ERAS application which matter!

Let me share a little more about our guest:

Dr. Berry Pierre is better known as “Dr. Berry” is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician, CEO of Pierre Medical Consulting and the host of a weekly health podcast the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry.  He currently serves as the Internal Medicine Residency Program Director & Director of Medical Education for Wellington Regional Hospital Center where he helps cultivate & train the next set of physicians into the workforce. He has a webinar that walks you through the eras application process. You can access it here

To me, he is phenomenal Internist, Media Mogul, and Educator. Despite being home on sick leave, he took the time out as a philanthropist and mentor to respond to your burning questions! I guess this is the only way you get a busy PD to slow down, sit down at home and have a couch conversation with IMG’s.

In order to make this specifically valuable for you, I set up a poll on Instagram to ask about what you as an IMG would love to ask a PD and y’all responded. So, I basically asked him all your questions and more!


A few questions you guys sent in!

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Before the match, there is a residency application season and there is a lot to learn about this process.


Disclaimer: I advise you tech gurus to disregard the pixelated video and focus on the wisdom in the audio!

Guys do you like the video format?

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