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Kentucky Lovin’

Among the major adulting tasks in life, therein lies the art of filing taxes. Truth be told; I find it unpleasurable, but not as irksome as getting lost three times on my way to find…

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An Open Letter To The Confused Anglophone Cameroonian Youth

  I woke up with a heavy heart for the anglophone youth of Cameroon. I was a first-year student at the University of Buea during one of the first strikes in 2004; you bet I…

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5 Survival Tips For Single People on Valentine’s Day.

In a season of all the “feels”, here is another memo on how to soar through.

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How To Thrive Through Confusing Times

Last night, I read a personal email from my immigration attorney advising me against travel outside the US at this time, she expressed concern about uncertainties which may or may not apply to me now…

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5 Practical Ways To Achieve Your Goals for 2017.

There something about a new year that gives us hope of a new beginning. It is amazing how inspiring the sidereal year has become for us. We make decisions during this time and though most…

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