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The Cheapest Way You Can Also Help During An Impending Natural Disaster.

The news has always rightfully brought us devastating coverage on natural disasters all across the world but this time it is close to where we live. Most of us who aren’t in the path of…

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Still Got Student Debt? Here Is How To Get Rid Of Yours Like I Did.

Note: this post was written in 2017. To me, debt is a bad word. You may as well fill in expletives there. After spending the last 2 years of my life dedicated to student loan…

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A Few Of My Thoughts On Marriage.

People always ask me when I will be getting married but never seek to understand my thoughts on the matter. So I took it upon myself to share what I really think about getting hitched.

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How I Studied For The USMLE.

Most IMG/FMGs that I meet want to know how to prepare for the big boards. I often get questions regarding my experience with the USMLE (United States Medical Licensure Exam) and for tips and advice..…

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Strategies To Succeed In Your Caribbean Medical Education.

As a product of two Caribbean medical schools, one would agree that my educational course was tortuous. By both observation and personal experience, I learned the processes that differentiate a success story from “failure” in…

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