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The Folly in my “Wisdom”. 

why we should all pray R-rated prayers

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Child Support #2 

It is more blessed to give than it is to be given; so you gave and you became a blessing to the least of these.

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Why I Cut Up My Credit Cards.

Be financially responsible with plastic (credit cards). If you can’t be (like I once was), then do not own one.

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Top Three Things FMGs/IMGs must do to match into US Residency. 

As both an international and foreign medical graduate I have gone through the mills of this process. Between switching visas and learning the ropes only by experience I can confidently tell you some of what…

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How To Stay Healthy While You Travel.

– PREVENT BLOOD CLOTS : By walking the aisles of the aircraft (to improve circulation) or by wearing compression stockings. I prefer aisle seats so I can walk when I choose. You can do easy…

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