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The IMG Roadmap Series #14: Dr. Waindim (IM)

Fellow IMG’s, the series continues in full throttle. Today we are figuratively rounding on the IM service! If you are learning anything from these interviews; please tell me. Your feedback helps me to solicit other…

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The IMG Roadmap Series #13: Dr. Sarkar (OBGYN)

Today’s interviewee is near and dear to my heart. I trust her. We work at the same hospital, live within miles from one another and serve together on a medical staff committee. What we also…

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The IMG Roadmap Series #12: Guest Post – Dr. Assam ( FM)

As you know, this series has been pivotal in highlighting stories from doctors who are graduates of foreign medical schools affectionately called IMG’s (International Medical Graduates). On the other side of the international student’s spectrum,…

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The IMG Roadmap Series #11: Dr. Dike (IM)

It may look like Nigeria has been leading the series lately, but today’s guest was my USMLE Step 1 partner.  We met over a decade ago in Maryland, while we were both preparing for Step…

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The IMG Roadmap Series #10: Dr. Oshobe (IM)

  Yet again! Another interview with a medical nomad: Dr. Akpezi Oshobe who is a PGY-2 (postgraduate year 2) resident in Internal Medicine.   We have been chatting on Instagram ever since we were introduced…

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