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The IMG Roadmap Series #9: Dr. Aramburu (Peds\Child Advocacy)

Social media has its perks. It has allowed me to virtually “meet” several men and women whom I believe I share a lot in common with. Most of them are doctors whom I would’ve never…

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IMG Roadmap Series #8: Dr. Brown (EM)

Dr. Brown is a vivacious, charismatic ER physician whom I met at the inaugural “Women in White Coats Wellness Retreat & Conference” at Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA where I spoke on “Common physician pitfalls…

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The IMG Roadmap Series #7: Dr. Bilen (CARDIOLOGY)

Dr. Bilen and I hosted an Instagram LIVE video months ago and over 500 people tuned in ! The session was packed with basic life advice on being a woman in medicine, a mother training…

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The IMG Roadmap Series #6: Dr. Nneoma (IM)

I first met Dr. Nneoma on Instagram. Then, I unexpectedly ran into her at SHM (Society Of Hospital Medicine) Annual Meeting last month! It was fate or shall we say “divinely orchestrated”. Thank you, Doctor,…

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The IMG Roadmap Series #5: Dr. Soni (PLASTIC SURGERY)

Dr. Soni is a force to be reckoned with. I stumbled on his Instagram page and was quickly drawn to his openness in sharing on the vulnerabilities most IMGs (like myself) have experience. He also…

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