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15 Things You Can Do If You Did Not Match.

It wasn’t your first choice but it’ll do for now. At least until the next cycle comes around after the SOAP.

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7 Ways To Improve Productivity – Medical Student Edition.

7 ways to improve your productivity in medical or graduate school

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Resources That Helped Me Pay Off Medical School Loans.

Last fall, I shared what I did to pay off my student loans in a blog post here.  A few months after eliminating student debt, I successfully wiped out my luxury car loan. That made…

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My Hospitalist Life.

If I had a penny for everytime someone has asked me whether I own a private practice/clinic, I’d be rich … Hospital medicine pertains to the clinical practice of medicine where a physician focuses on…

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Milan, Italy

I had 48 hours (or less) in Italy and I chose to see Milan. It was brief but remarkable. I enjoyed authentic Italian cuisine which shocked my palate, as it was less cheesy and very…

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