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Monday Motivation 10/16

Some doors need to stay closed. As in; let us keep them tight shut. Locked. When I failed the entrance exam to medical school in Cameroon, I remember curling up in a ball, rolling on…

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Residency Interview Tips.

So you’ve received a few invitations for residency interviews and you’re excited but also trembling in your boots. If there are no concrete resources to prepare you for this season because your medical school is…

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The Struggle To Travel Abroad When You’re Cameroonian.

If you’re like me and you love to travel but frequently meet road blocks that make you upset, then this is for you. Or maybe you just want to put yourself in my shoes; that…

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A Few Of My Thoughts On Singleness.

Single people always complain about their relationship status or the lack there of. I’m one to always look for a silver lining; so here are some tips to get your single life popping.

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The Cheapest Way You Can Also Help During An Impending Natural Disaster.

The news has always rightfully brought us devastating coverage on natural disasters all across the world but this time it is close to where we live. Most of us who aren’t in the path of…

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