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Five Things You Must Know About Opioid Addiction.

Wrote my first piece for the local newspaper this week. Check it out here: OR As a local doctor I have observed that this condition is actively ruining the lives of young men and…

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The FMG Residency Interview Hustle.

Maybe your peers have been receiving pools of residency interview invitations and this makes you nervously jealous because you are yet to receive one. Or maybe you got one invitation and you’re worried about whether…

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« How Will You Like To Suffer? « 

I like to plan great things for my life. To be a good lover of God, good daughter to my parents, good doctor to my patients, good sister to my siblings, good wife to my future…

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A Few Old Lessons From My Mission Trips To Haiti.

This month is almost over and Facebook does this « time hop » thing where it brings old grainy photos back to life. These photos popped up recently and I began reminiscing about my time in Ayiti.…

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Does gender really matter in medicine or leadership?

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