I have not cried in a long time, but this ONE made me cry! I just watched “Bienvenue a Marly-Gomont” (available on Netflix with English subtitles under the title “The African Doctor” ). It is… View Full Post

Guns. Yes, guns don’t kill people. Cars don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. People who drive recklessly can kill people. On January 23rd 2018, a 15-year-old student shot sixteen people at Marshall County… View Full Post

Last fall, I shared what I did to pay off my student loans in a blog post here.  A few months after eliminating student debt, I successfully wiped out my luxury car loan. That made… View Full Post

As I walk into the 3rd decade, here are a few lessons I have learned from the previous one.… View Full Post

As a young single foreign woman doctor living in small-town America where I had no prior commitment to —except for my job, people seem to think the holidays have to be exceptionally difficult for me.… View Full Post